Tonite - Javelyn

Here I am
Wanting to stay with you
Because tonight’s the night
Where we can dance, escape the day
And give ourselves
A chance to be all that we choose to be
It starts with you and me, all that we see
The sun, the moon, the stars - it’s ours tonight.

Here we are worlds apart
Looking like there’s no start
To get along help others out,
And make them strong.

Look - it can happen.
When we reach out our hand, and take a stand
Stop talking down, just turn around.

I’d love to dance with you
It helps me smile

Fires just take a spark
Then become flames of warmth
To spread the love, where cold has set
It needs the light.

Hey - it starts with you.
Only takes one small step to make a change
Get back your life - just rearrange.

I want to dance with you
It helps me smile

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