Jug of Wine - Black Cadence

If you put a jug o' wine to my lips when I lost my reality
that's love enough for me
tired and weary but still you make love to me
that's love enough for me

And on the road goes, it's over
not much of a surprise
It was what we chose to make it
saw it in your eyes that all along we played at love
(you took me at my word)
and now I've gone and injured silence to be heard

I could put a jug o' wine to my lips to drown out reality
or embrace insanity
tired and waery I find solace in the sea
perceived by memory

AHHHHHHH yeah yeah
AHHHHHHHH yeah yeah

c'mon, you know you shine
you make the girls blind - behind me you must go
or come to me like a child with a humble soul
cuz all along we strayed from love
I needed you to see
That you may not stay here and be free

there's a rose in a jug of wine inside my reality
some beauty there to see yeah yeah
father, mother, brother it all means the same to me
the world's my family
yeah yeah yeah yeah

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