When Somebody Cares - Javelyn

I know you have these feelings
I'm with you all the way
Express yourself I'm waiting
For you to open up and say

Please stay with me forever,
We'll make it through, I know
I am here, let's take a chance
Come dance with me today.

When somebody cares and you are aware
It's the greatest feeling in the world
Takes you by surprise, look into their eyes
Give you warm emotions down inside

I know you want to hide now,
you've exposed yourself to air
Don't be afraid, step forward - Don't be scared
We'll climb these hills together
We'll make it through I know
I am here, let's take a chance,
Come dance with me today

I know it's hard, I know it scares you
I know life can be a rumble,
But I'm here, here with you.

We don't have that much time left
To enjoy each other well
'Cuz life is unpredictable,
Can lead you straight to hell
But you are my salvation,
Giving me redemption
I am here, let's take a chance,
Comd dance with me today.

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