"Java With Javelyn Indie Music Volume 4 "
Compilation CD

[Three songs have just been picked up for films]



We hope you enjoy this taste of what the independent music world has to offer. We’ve included the email and URL of each artist above. Please feel free to drop a line, purchase their CD and/or join the mailing list of any artist you like on this compilation by visiting their websites and see what else they have to offer - they work very hard – join their friend lists, email lists, get to KNOW them. We are very proud of all of them. It was very hard to choose the order of this CD, so we hope you put your CD player to “shuffle”, listen to ALL of the songs represented here, as we know at least a few represent YOU… THANK YOU for supporting independent music (please note we will be accepting submissions for future compilations at sonicbids at the end of 2011)- X-It Rite Records


SONGS INCLUDE: (Note: press 'back' button on browser, after you visit any of the links to get back to this page - or fully enjoy the artists you are interested in, and come back at a later time to enjoy even more talent and music):

1. This Time – TEAK (Lyrics)


Website: www.myspace.com/teakmusic
Email: teakmusic@hotmail.com

Producer: Warren Hammond
Written by: Steven Draper (APRA)

Teak are an orinal guitar based rock band from Melbourne, Australia. A new album of songs is to be released August, 2010..

2. America - Mike Musick

mike musick

Website: www.mikemusick.com
Email: mike@mikemusick.com

Producer: Monroe Jones
Written by: Michael Musick (ASCAP)
Mercy Man Publishing (ASCAP)

Mike Musick is a singer-songwriter living in Nashville, Tennessee. The song "America" comes from his latest solo release entitled "Honest" available through iTunes. "America" is an honest look at the challenges facing our nation ending with a call to perserverance. $.37 of every download goes to ThirstAid Live to help end water shortages throughout the world. Learn more at www.thirstaidlive.com

3. Greatest Imaginator - Javelyn (Lyrics)


Website: www.javelyn.net
Email: info@javelyn.net

Producers: Javelyn and Time Warp Studios
Written by: Javelyn (BMI)
Guitar: Gene Duarte ; Bass: Shane Gudlow ; Drums: Daniel Beck ; Keys: Javelyn
Engineer: Daniel Beck

Pop, melodic, songstress Javelyn is an artist whose voice and music soothes straight to the soul, while kickin’ the butt. Recipient of "Rockies" Awards for three years in a row, including Best Female Solo Artist of the Year and Best Folk Artist from Rock City News, the music video of h er song “Ugga Bugga” brought her to the FinalCut Pro Users group at the Apple Convention in San Francisco. Javelyn has three CDs, one of which charted on the Gavin radio charts between Sarah MacLachlan and Matchbox 20 on the Hot A/C charts, airplay on over 200 radio stations nationwide, and had rave reviews from press, DJ’s & online sources, as well as two songs being picked up for films. Javelyn hosts and performs live with other acts at Java With Javelyn Indie Music Nites, an indie music nite which occurs several times a month around Los Angeles, featuring some of the hottest indie live & recorded music in LA. Javelyn is a voting member of the Grammy’s.

4. Fall Winds - Dan Vaillancourt

dan vaillancourt

Website: www.danvaillancourt.com
Email: danvaillancourt@hotmail.com

Written and Produced by: Dan Vaillancourt (ASCAP)

Storyteller and Traveler. Guitarist and Writer. Teacher and Coffee Drinker. Michigan singer-songwriter Dan Vaillancourt is all of these things and more. Drawing on his vivid imaginatino and real-life events, he weaves words and notes together into a rich tapestry of musical poetry. Vaillancourt, and his guitar, criss-cross the country each year, having performed hundreds of concerts in 35 states. Critics, heralding his musicianship and lyricism, refer to Vaillancourt as a guitar virtuoso and "one of the eclectic original and iconic wordsmiths writing songs today" (Bob Gottlieb, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange).

5. Even Heroes Fall (Lyrics)
taylor begert

Website: www.sonicbids.com/taylorbegert
Email: taylorbegertmusic@gmail.com

Written by: Taylor Begert and Jon Meckes

Taylor Begert and Jon Meckes met at Belmont University in the fall of 2006. They quickly discovered they had musical chemistry and begin writing together. They wrote "Even Heroes Fall" in December, 2008, right before Taylor's graduation..

6. Forever - Mousefrog (Lyrics)


Email: glenaliano@lycos.com

Written By: Glen Aliano, Mousefrog (BMI)

The three members of Mousefrog, Glen, Win and Orion are a band with a background mix of hard work and creativeity. Still believing that the song speaks volumes while the image is soon forgotten. Their musical diversity evokes a unique approach to today's music scene.

7. Just a Bad Memory - Nick Dastardly (Lyrics)

nick dastardly

Website: www.nickdastardly.com
Email: nickdastardly@hotmail.com

Producer: Todd Wright
Written by: Scott Miller (ASCAP)

Rock bank out of Washington, D.C., with numerous songwriting awards and multiple film and tv credits. "A hint of Tom Petty and a dash of The Black Crowes mixed with a unique tyle of their own." Check out www.nickdastardly.com for more info.)

8. Baptized - Switchmen (Lyrics)


Website: www.myspace.com/kentuckyswitchmen
Email: switchmentbooking@gmail.com

Produced by: Aaron Schilling
Co-Produced by: Switchmen
Written by: Chad Dickerson

SWITCHMEN are a 3-piece rock act hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. Since inception in late 2009, they have been dazzling listeners far and wide with their Bluegrass RetMod Rock style that fans of Led Zepplin, The Black Crowes and the White Stripes are sure to enjoy. Unplueed Bass makes way to Cello and Electric Guitars transform into Dobro along with Classical Folk Blues style Acoustic Guitary paying honage to those such as Mississippi John Hurt, Rev. Gary Davis and Mozart. Their debut album, "$2 Pistol" was released on iTunes in June of 2010 and they are currently being streamed all across North America including Canada, as well as Europe, Australia and Asia. Look for big things from these Shotgun Fed Rockers in the coming months. They have one goal: To save all of us from the foul sound that is today's radio. We're all hungry for something real and raw, from the soul, and these guys are packing it.

9. Jug of Wine - Black Cadence (Lyrics)

black cadence

Website: www.myspace.com/carolmcarthur
Email: carolmc7@yahoo.com

Producer: Carol McArthur
Wrritten by: Carol McArthur

Carol McArthur and Jamila Ford, the two voices in Black Cadence, are both unique, but so is their blend.

10. He Digs Me - Sunday Wilde (Lyrics)

Sunday Wilde

Website: www.reverbnation.com/sundaywilde
Email: sundaywilde@ymail.com

Producer: Ange Sponchia
Written by: Ange Sponchia aka Sunday Wilde (ASCAP)
Guitar: David West

Sunday Wilde is a powerful and intense vocalist, a rare voice that speaks from the primal soul. As a songwriter, she explores the subject of grief, addiction, love and torment.

11. Rebel War in Africa - No Hay Banda

no hay banda

Website: www.nohaybanda.com.mx
Email: roberto@nohaybanda.com.mx

Produced by: No Hay Banda
Written by: Roberto Garcia Castellanos (ASCAP) SACM

Roberto Garcia Roby, No Hay Banda, a lyric musician, was born in Mexico City. He has played the keyboard since he was a boy. Through music, he can share his art, feelings and thoughts, trying to touch our souls an dleaving good memories on our lives. He has worked on TV as well as radio making jingles and some documentaries. He now works in his own projects.

12. Night Owl - Willie Ames (Lyrics)

willie ames

Website: www.willieames.com
Email: willie@willieames.com

Written and Produced by: Willie Ames

Willie Ames has independently toured all 50 United States with international touring pursuits as a singer/songwriter/guitar and banjo player rockin' out original/cover songs of acoustic/folk/rock music and is nominated int he 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards for instrumental Artist of the Year 2010!

13. Sunrise in New Orleans - Larry Wimmer
larry wimmer

Website: www.myspace.com/larrywimmermusic
Email: avery2k@hotmail.com

Written and Produced by: Larry Wimmer (ASCAP)

A veteran blues rocker from the Chicagoland area - gracing the stage with the likes of Littlefeat, Lonnie Brooks, Koko Taylor, Eddie Money and mony others, he's called a fresh spark from the old school..

14. Kites - Dune Tran (Lyrics)

dune tran

Website: www.dunetran.com
Email: dunetran@gmail.com

Producer: Joshua Rumer
Written by: Dune Tran (ASCAP)

Touch your soul and tug on your heart, Dune Tran's collection of melancholy songs set to simple, yet deep and insightful lyrics are sure to inspire listeners of all backgrounds. Find her debut album "Heart Anchors" on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

15. When Somebody Cares (Lyrics)

Websites: www.javelyn.net
Email: info@javelyn.net

Producers: Vairon Perez, Javelyn and Rob Harkness
Written by: Javelyn and Vairon Perez (BMI)
Co-Producer/Engineer/Mix: Rob Harkness, Barn Productions
Keyboards: Javelyn; Other instruments: Rob Harkness

A song written about hope and love... enjoy.