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Java With Javelyn is an event helping to build music community in LA for artists inspiring artists - we have events 3rd Saturdays at Unurban Cafe in Santa Monica (check calendar to make sure we have a show, as we do not have shows every month), as well as some outside events from time to time.

Our nites provide opportunities to mix and smooze with other artists who are working on everything from starting out, to producing CDs, websites, distribution, promotion, publicity - the whole spectrum of indie music business. We are seeking to attract people to be more in touch with the 'new music business' of doing as much as you can to create your own buzz to allow 'deals' to come to you, rather than being caught so much in the "looking for the deal" which can deplete one of one's artistic creativity, as well as integrity. This year, we are adding new people to our organization who want to take this event to a bigger level.

We have two venues we host our events at. The Unurban Cafe is a bit old school with a Venice/Santa Monica laid-back vibe - . with very appreciative people who like good, live music at our venue. We're seeking to provide a musical atmosphere to sooth and stimulate those coming off their work/stess week - to not only meet the needs of musicians/songwriters to play, but also the people wanting to hear good, live music and fresh new recordings of quality independent music. e

PA: There is a simple PA with two mics and stands and two cords to go directly into the PA . If you have a more elaborate sound setup, then you must clear it with JWJ before performing. We do a basic "line check" for each performer, with a bit more time for the artists doing a full set, so if you are a band, be ready to play "acoustic, unplugged" at this venue, as has dynamic acoustics (great for vocalists who normally can't hear themselves).

We strongly encourage you to come early, stay late, show you're a teamplayer, and take your talking with friends and fans during other artists' sets to the outdoors or as minimal as possible, as this is a community indie music event, and we want everyone to get the most out of each other and bring something to the table in music and marketing skills. We pre-book all artists for this event. If you don't show or contact us, we put you on our 'no-show' list and you will not be accepted back to another Java With Javelyn event. Please be at the event at least 45-60 minutes earlier than your time given. Also, please post your time for your performance AT LEAST 30-45 minutes prior to gig time we give you as we run the shows pretty much on time and don't wish your fans to miss you. There is no guarantee that we can let you perform if you are late, so please be punctual.

We take pride in our events, and are at the level where the music and film industries come periodically to look at talent and if they cannot come, they ask us to pick out artists for other projects - so if you show us a high level of talent and professionality, we can show respect back - you respect us, help support our events with people, and support your fellow artists, then we look at you seriously - if those requirements are not met, we do not take you seriously and might not ask you back.

SET LENGTHS: First time is 2-3 sings, depending on event. If you are interested in playing one of our full 30-minute sets in the future, please bring at least a few people to show us that our event is important enough to you to bring some of your peeps out and you are confident in bringing at least 7-15 people for a full set. We don't care if you've "emailed everyone on your 1,000+ peep list" and no one shows - a professional act knows how to bring people out for a special gig. If you are not at this level, that is fine, consider coming back and playing more 3-song sets until you can use our event and others to build up your email list and feel confident you have people who will show up, rain or shine.We will also evaluate your performance and professionality to be chosen for a full 30-minute set. If you cannot guarantee and show at least some following of your own, you can continue to book the 3-song portion, availiability pending, at the Unurban Cafe. We have found that the room tends to empty out, no matter how good you Think you are, if you don't have your own following to add to the night on the longer sets. When every artist brings their share, more people stay and listen to what you have to say. The plus side at our events is that if you can get new people to like you, they then tend to buy CDs, sign up on email lists, buy merch, etc., so it's only a win-win for you to take this guideline seriously. Especially as we remember artists who help support our indie music community, and we get opportunities outside of JWJ, we pass them along to our JWJ artists who have been good to support us. Please don't put yourself in a situation of booking a full 30-minute set unless you can bring 5-10 people easily for a 30-minute set or you might be permanently cut from our roster of being able to perform with us. As an event, we have the right to not invite you back or downsize your set if you cannot bring the minimum requirement of people, so please do not put pressure on yourself and us unless you are secure in bringing your people out, as the event cover charge is very cheap for a weekend, parking is free, and there is only a small 1-drink minimum of kava or other drink, so it' s 'easy on the fan base' and fun for your supporters - a 'win-win' for everybody.

COVER CHARGE/COMPENSATION: There is a Three Dollar ($3.00) cover charge for everyone who comes in the room - NO EXCEPTIONS, unless you are performing on stage. Please make sure that all your people know this - if someone comes to our event and refuses to pay, we will politely escort them out, or stop the show and not let a given performer go on until their person has paid. YOU are responsible for the people you bring to make sure they respect our event. If you wish to make money on your appearance, then best you bring your CDs, merch and email lists. It's up to you to solicit for yourself, as we solicit for our event and you. The monies made at the door go directly back to the venue to help keep them in business to have a place for you to place and not "pay to play" and event expenses - believe us, we are lucky to break even with this, not counting the countless hours and effort promoting the event and YOU. We have seen performers make money and get new fans when they act professionally, play professionally and have songs which people want to take home with them - that's how everyone grows to their next respective level..

BABANDS: Bands must bear in mind that both the Unurban Cafe is a coffeehouse, not a concert hall - i.e.,we with you to respect the volume levels we need you to play in and play the room(s) acoustically - for the Unurban Cafe, brushes for the drummers are mandatory, as well as simple setups - and if you have to use an electric guitar or bass, you must respect the volume levels we need if we ask you to turn down -- we ask that you get your volume level in soundcheck and keep it there - if you absolutely have to play loudly, then our venues are not the place for you. However, if you can play dynamically and respect the levesl we need you to play within, then we welcome you as many bands have loved the experience of playing JWJ events and being able to network with other artist and bands in the community we have helped create. JWJ is all about love and respect.

If you are chosen to do a full 30 minute set, please fill out our Agreement for the Unurban Cafe and send back to us so we may confirm you. Anyone booking one of our regular sets cannot play another gig within a 50-mile radius within 7 days before or after our event, so please book accordingly.

Java With Javelyn Indie Music Nites is an 'all-ages' event, so no profanity or coarse lyrics - think PG-13, as there are children present many times. We know you are intelligent enough to be creative about this, as we don't censure, but we also don't ask anyone back who is not sensitive to this element of the audience.



We require you play a small 2-3 song set at least once for consideration to do a full set. JWJ was built to have music community and a space to network, jam and do your thang to help make everyone stronger. If you confirm to do this part, please be prepared to show up, or at least cancel three days prior to showdate. If you bail last minute, even for illness, or do not show up, then we will put you on the "no show" list, which we share with some of the other prominent promoters/bookers in town - so be professional, PLEASE - or do not book yourself for our event. We are trying to raise the bar on LA and independent music, and from time to time, we pass along references when people ask us for talent to play other places, or referrals for gigs. We invite music and film industry out to see you and having 'theme nights' from time to time to bring out even more people, so we can't have any 'holes' from someone not showing up. This event is for responsible, hard-working artists who want to achieve their 'next step', and in turn is sensitive to helping others by giving the support of themselves and their fans to the event and other artists - when this happens, the synergy is intense and works well for everyone.

2. If you are a band, please sensitive to your sound and dynamic levels, as both venues can support bands, but sometimes acoustics can be a bit hot. If you want to cut loose and play a bit louder, then be sure and book at the Talking Stick, as the Unurban is more for the unplugged, acoustic version of your band. Both venues are great for bands which feature great vocal artists who normally can't be heard over their own band because of the PA system or soundperson. JWJ is also an "all-ages" event - so please be smart about your lyrics and song selection - no profanity please. Please play respectfully and accordingly.

3. We raffle promotional “goodie bags” at each event, as well as prizes from our sponsors. We give away 1-3 bags per event. If you are performing and have something you would like to add to the "goodie bag", let us know and we'll make room for you in one of the upcoming JWJ shows... You will need to give us at least 4 merch's. They can be stickers, keytags, CDs, hats, t-shirts, shot glasses, whatever you have to promote yourself if you're at that level... as it brings repeat customers for the event to make it better for everybody as we're building a crowd of 'listeners' and future fans for everybody...

4. Java With Javelyn Indie Music Nites has been set up for the indie music community - both for the artist and the listener, so we ask that you be respective and not leave right after you play, and again please come at least 45-60 minutes before your time to perform. Please encourage your fans/supporters that this is an 'event' and not just a showcase where artists play and leave. One of the perks of building indie music community, is the ability to network with some of the top indie artists in L.A. who not only perform, but are good at web presence, touring, recording, you name it. There are many jewels you will find hanging out at Java With Javelyn Indie Music Nites which would pass you by if you just play and go.

5. Lastly - our basic premise is - you support us - we support you back, simple as that. We have a lot of amazing opps coming up and more and more promoters and professionals asking us for referrals for artists for their events, so bring your best songs to share - you never know who is watching. We do what we can to help those who help us.

Whatever you decide to do - best of success in your career - as it takes a lot to put yourself out there, gig, record, do the 'day job' thing ... and we acknowledge your hard work and dedication to your love, whether you work with us or not.

I f you are interested in being a part of Java With Javelyn indie music nites , please email us back
or call (310) 281-7454.


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