"Java With Javelyn Indie Music Volume 2"
CD Compilation


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1. Junk – Brainpool (Lyrics)

Website: www.brainpool.nu
Email: justin@jwcartistgroup.com

Written by: David Birde, Christoffer Lundquist, Jens Jansson
Produced by: Christoffer Lundquist
Contact: Justin Winokur (JWC Artist Group)

Rock operas, ballets and three albums as a Swedish N*Sync. Brainpool is still trying to lose some of its 12-year-old fans, while participating in an undercover operation to knock your socks off (not to mention a few gold albums under their belt).

2. Love For Eternity – Javelyn

Website: www.javelyn.net
Email: info@javelyn.net

Written by: Javelyn, DJ Paul E, Claudio Collino
Producer: DJ Paul E, Claudio Collino

Pop, melodic, songstress Javelyn is an artist whose voice and music soothes straight to the soul, while kickin’ the butt. Recipient of a "Rockie" for 2005 Winner of Best Female Solo Artist of the Year from Rock City News, she has done five music videos and is in the midst of production for one more, as she loves to mix music with the film media. Her song “Ugga Bugga” brought her to the FinalCut Pro Users group at the Apple Convention in San Francisco to perform earlier this year. Javelyn has two CDs under her belt, one of which charted on the Gavin radio charts between Sarah MacLachlan and Janet Jackson on the Hot A/C charts, airplay on over 200 radio stations nationwide, and had rave reviews from press, DJ’s & online sources, as well as two songs being picked up for films. Currently, her dance song “Love For Eternity” is charting high in the indie music charts. Javelyn hosts and performs with other acts at Java With Javelyn, an indie music nite which occurs twice a month around Los Angeles, featuring some of the hottest indie live & recorded music in LA. Javelyn is a voting member of the Grammy’s.

3. There's a Riot Going On – The Dirty Royals (Lyrics)

Website: www.myspace.com/thedirtyroyals
Email: info@thedirtyroyals.com

Written by: S. Williams
Producers: The Dirty Royals, David Noily & Orrin Ezralow


The Dirty Royals, based in both the US and LA, emerged from the core of the UK band The Samurai Seven. After achieving success in the UK and Japan with several singles and their sold-out CD "Le Sport", as well as having the honor of being one of the late John Peel's favoriate band, The Samurai Seven headed to LA. There, under the influence of the LA vibe (and many late nights), they underwent a band dissolution and reformed with a new drummer as The Dirty Royals with a new sound and energy. The band's first EP, "Obsessed America" hit the US in May 2006.

4. Hang On Tight
– The Pinder Brothers

Website: www.pinderbrothers.com
Email: info@pinderbrothers.com

Written by: Michael Lee Pinder & Nick Cohen
Produced by: Michael Pinder

The Pinder Brothers were raised on the undertones of classic rock, while the harmonic overtones of 80's and 90's pop shine through.

5. Me Kinda Day – Grayson Hill (Lyrics)

Website: www.myspace.com/graysonhill
Email: matt@graysonhillmusic.com

Written By: Scotty Cram & Matt Mitchell
Produced by: I-95 Productions

Grayson Hill is a collaboration of two separate songwriters who have united to create distinct, compelling and memorable, acoustic music. Full of solid harmonies and clever acoustic riffs, the duo of Taylor Mullins and Griffin Hamsley have both been exposed to music for half of their lives. These two talented musicians had played the "college circuit" in and around Statesboro, GA for years; never realizing what a chance encounter would kick off! It was in the summer of 2005 that Mullins and Hamsley met and soon "grayson hill" was born! The story of the decision to combine their insightful and intoxicating songwriting, as well as their cleverly crafted acoustic style, is what legends are made of. Upon signing an exclusive management contract with Philadelphia, PA based I-95 Productions; the duo was off to Los Angeles to start work on their first album. After countless trips to the west coast the CD was done and the touring shifted into high gear! Griffin & Taylor, now known as "grayson hill" hit the road to find a warm reception and legions of new fans in every city they played. Performing over 200 concerts in the last year has shaped the duo into one of the music scenes most sought after shows!

6. Give It All - Amanda Baker (Lyrics)

Website: www.superstitiouswoman.com
Email: amandabaker8@mac.com

Written By: Amanda Baker & Louis Schoorl
Produced by: Louis Schoorl & Steeve Body/Limestone Studios

Amanda Baker is an independent singer/songwriter from Perth, Western Australia and now basd in Sydney. Amanda released her debut album, "Superstitious Woman" January 2006. Her music is a combination of blues, soul and pop rock, delivered by her powerful, soulful vocals, joined by thought-provoking lyrics and inspirational melodies.

7. Fall Into You – Gee Davey (Lyrics)

Website: www.geedavey.com
Email: dj@geedavey.com

Written by: DJ Pearlman

Alive with harmonious melodies and powerful orchestration, Gee Davey is fast becoming a force to reckon with . . . or at least, one to listen to. Comprised of DJ Pearlman (Guitars/Vocals), Wayne Macgregor (Bass) and Michael Bontempi.

8. Three Steps – Javelyn (Lyrics)

Website: www.javelyn.net
Email: info@javelyn.net

Written and produced by: Javelyn
Keyboards: Javelyn; Other Instruments: Geoff Tyson

This is a song dedicated to the future of us all... and hope for tomorrow.

9. Humans – Lovejoysdream (Lyrics)

Website: http://www.myspace.com/lovejoysdream
Email: lovesick777@tmail.com

Written: Zvi Turobiner
Produced by: Jack Lee Wilson
Representation: Jonathan William Hibbert (818) 671-7261

"I'm Robbb - that's R-O-B-B-B ... just a boy that needs a fresh start." The solo artist Zvi, also known as Lovejoysdream, is living proof that gold and diamonds are not the only eclectic treasure to ever hail from South Africa. Zvi endeavors to charm the listener into feeling the lyrics as if they wrote it with him. With influences such as Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Smiths, Zvi lives in Los Angeles where he enjoys the company of loving girls, swimming laps in a 50 meter pool, and Venice Beach.

10. Mariposa – shinerjones (Lyrics)

Website: www.shinerjones.com
Email: info@shinerjones.com

Written by: Charles Jones
Arranged & Produced by: shinerjones

With a list of influences too long and varied to mention, this band of musical brothers from different mothers create a rich harmony of original rock pop folk art.

11. Homeland
– Garth Adam


Website: www.garthadam.com
Email: gaaath@yahoo.com

Written by: Garth Adam
Produced by: Garth Adam & Brendan O’Brien

Garth has released three CD's since late 2002. Great ocean Road 2002, Dance On Friday Night, 2004 and Kiss The World Away, 2006. Garth has toured both the U.S. and Australia. Songs from the three releases have received airplay both commerical and independent throughout the U.S., Australia, Europe and Brazil. The song "Heart Stops" reached no. 21 on the college radio charts in the U.S.

13. Hi Fallutin Mama – The Human Project (Lyrics)

Website: www.humanrocks.net
Email: vanderinc@aol.com

Written by: Loyd Vandergriff
Vocals: Loyd Vandergriff ; Lead Guitar: Dwayne Janzen
Drums: Ron Greeley ; Bass: Bryan Beal

The Human Project is fronted by singer-songwriter Loyd (The Human) Vandergriff of Visalia, California. The music has a unique sound that fuses together elements of blues rock, southern rock and classic rock. It appeals to the common man and blue collar worker. His vocals drip with authenticity and weave a story that will draw you in. He speaks a common language that creates common ground with his fans. They have just released a CD entitled "The Real Stuff". All nine songs on the CD were written by The Human.
On September 16th, The Human Project was selected by Stanford University to play the pre-game fan fest party to help inaugurate the opening of their newly remodeled stadium. Huge crowd, huge fun. Hi-Fallutin Momma went to #1 at soundclick.com in the country blues charts. It still is in the top 10. Jimmy's Juke Joint is getting extensive airplay at hotrocksradio.com

14. Bad Habits – Frank Grimaldi (Lyrics)

Website: www.emphaticrecords.com
Email: frank@emphaticrecords.com

Written by: Frank Grimaldi
Produced by: Barry Goldstein & Frank Grimaldi

Frank Grimaldi's brand of retrospecitve pop music, which is never brooding but sometimes comically self-deprecating, can be heard on his 1996 debut CD "Walking Backward" and his current CD "Balance". Frank Grimaldi is a New York based solo artist. His current CD "Balance" is produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer Barry Goldstein and co-produced by Grimaldi himself. AS an openly gay artist, Frank states that his songwriting is inspired by his personal life; it's one of the ways he works things out for himself.

15. Falling Angel – Anthony Lebron (Lyrics)

Website: www.myspace.com/antlebron
Email: antlebron@aol.com

Written by: Anthony Lebron
Produced by: Boom! Camp Productions

Born in Guayama, Puerto Rico, raised and inspired by the Bronx of NYC molded the urban styles and sounds into this solo artist. His sadness and depth of emotion heard in the harmonies of his songs, are seen and felt in his physical presence while performing and vocally immersing you into the songs and holding you. His material can be related to by everyone with its powerful alternative combination of R&B, Soul an dRock, along with a stylish street image that allows him to emerge from the crowd, and span across several musical genres.

16. The Air I Breathe
– Dyslexsic

Website: www.myspace.com/dyslexsict
Email: info@javelyn.net

Written by: Mr. Wax & Javelyn
Produced by: Mr. Wax
(full version available on www.myspace.com/dyslexsic)

A little bit of dis, a little bit of that ... Dyslexsic combines the beat poetry of rapper, Mr. Wax with the smooth vocal lines of Ms. Javelyn. They get in more trouble with the crowds they please. The version featured on the Java With Javelyn Indie Music, Vol 2 CD is the 'nice version' - for you self-depricating types, tune into their myspace version, but be prepared - Javelyn wrote her vocals, free style the day after a major breakup.

17. Melodic Snapshots– Dan Vaillancourt (Lyrics)

Website: www.danvaillancourt.com.
Email: dan@danvaillancourt.com

Written & Produced by: Dan Vaillancourt

Any attempt to pin down the tyle of Michigan's singer/songwrtier and guitar virtuoso, Dan Vaillancourt, is like trying to count grains of sand on the shore - it's just not possible! With his custom 10-string guitar for accompaniement, Dan weaves stories of life, love, and travel with quirky aplomb creating a unique kind of music called Funktified Folk is about the only label you can hang on this talented young musician who draws his inspiration from observations of the world around him.

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