"Java With Javelyn Indie Music Volume 1"
Compilation CD

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1. Suddenly Wonderful – MiGGS (Lyrics)

Website: www.miggsband.com
Email: kcarpenter@shamanentertainment.com

Written by: Don Miggs
Produced by: John (JC) Convertino
Drums/Vox: Jason Gianni; Guitars/Vox: John Carta
Guitars/Vox: Don Miggs; Bass/Vox: Mark Baker

Not many bands can bewitch browers with an acoustic set at Border’s Books and Music, bring 15,000 fans to their feet with an acappella rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” at a major league baseball game… blow the roof off the arena while opening for Aerosmith or Kid Rock – and also touch listeners more quietly, in the privacy of their own homes. Actually, only one comes to mind, MiGGs, who may even now be on their way to perform at a farmer’s market or stadium near you. Singled out by the San Francisco Herald as “the next big thing outta the San Francisco Bay Area,” this extraordinary quartet sold 10,000 copies of the first album with no promotion, won exposure through promoting episodes of Fox’s The O.C., secured a Gibson endorsement,a dn earned plaudits in Billboard, Amplifier Magazine and on popmatters.com, starpolish.com, and loudenergy.com – all without a label backing them up. Their 2005 released second album, insOmnia, ups the ante even more. Produced by Gavin MacKillop (Goo Goo Dolls, Barenaked Ladies, Sugarcult) with 3 additional songs produced by JC Convertino (Madonna, Good Goo Dolls) insOmnia is a feast of intimate, honest lyrics, unforgettable solo and harmony vocals, and music that can veer in a heartbeat from near silence to peaks of sonic power.

2. Paramnesiac – Shima

Website: www.worldofshima.com
Email: jd@islandia.is

Written by: Jon Dal, Laki Thor
Producer: Jon Dal

Shima is a 5-member band, formed in 2005. Located in Iceland, the band is focusing on reaching out to an International audience. Shima is working on completing their first EP record.

3. Ugga Bugga – Javelyn (Lyrics)

Website: www.javelyn.net
Email: info@javelyn.net

Written by: Javelyn, Tony Chauncey, Geoff Tyson
Instrumentation: Geoff Tyson


Pop, melodic, songstress Javelyn is an artist whose voice and music soothes straight to the soul, while kickin’ the butt. New recipient of a "Rockie" for 2005 Winner of Best Female Solo Artist of the Year from Rock City News, she has done five music videos and is in the midst of production for one more, as she loves to mix music with the film media. Her song “Ugga Bugga” brought her to the FinalCut Pro Users group at the Apple Convention in San Francisco to perform earlier this year. Javelyn has two CDs under her belt, one of which charted on the Gavin radio charts between Sarah MacLachlan and Janet Jackson on the Hot A/C charts, airplay on over 200 radio stations nationwide, and had rave reviews from press, DJ’s & online sources, as well as two songs being picked up for films. Currently, her dance song “Love For Eternity” is charting high in the indie music charts. Javelyn hosts and performs with other acts at Java With Javelyn, an indie music nite which occurs twice a month around Los Angeles, featuring some of the hottest indie live & recorded music in LA. Javelyn is a voting member of the Grammy’s.

4. 3100 Miles
– Brandon Patton

Website: www.brandonpatton.com
Email: bp@brandonpatton.com

Written by: Brandon Patton
Clarinet & Saxophone: Matt Steckler
Live Percussion: Scott Kessell

Brandon Patton was formerly in the band Three Against Four, based in Boston. He has also played with Matt Nathanson, John Vanderslice, Hummer and Solea. His album "Should Confusion," was an Independent Music Awards finalist for “2004 Album of the Year.” He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. See www.brandonpatton.com for free music downloads and contact information.

5. Riding With the Sun at Your Back – Nick Dastardly (Lyrics)

Website: www.nickdastardly.com
Email: nickdastardly@hotmail.com

Written By: Scott Miller
Produced by: Nick Dastardly

Often found on the road, but grown out of Washington, DC, Nick Dastardly is known for their unique sound, imaginative lyrics and storytelling. You may have heard Nick Dastardly and been unaware, as they have been featured in several motion pictures, television shows such as MTV, Disney, FOX, and have made the rounds in Indie film festivals nationwide, drawing comparisons to The Flaming Lips and The Shins, Nick Dastardly…Listen.

6. By Heart – Sylvie Lewis (Lyrics)

Website: www.sylvielewis.com
Email: nik@cheaplullaby.com

Written By: Sylvie Lewis
Cheap Lullaby Records

The similarities between herself and her postwar predecessors are not lost on Lewis. Raised in London and educated in Switzerland and Italy, she grew up listening to the songs of European cabaret legends like Kurt Weill, Noel Coward, Lotte Lenya and Serge Gainsbourg. She confesses a similar affection for the music of George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Irving Berlin. When it’s noted that Gershwin, Porter and Berlin were themselves European expatriates, Lewis responds sympathetically. “They came over here to get a little American spice, just like me,” she says, laughing. Her song “By Heart” was recently heard on one of the latest episodes of the TV hit “Grey’s Anatomy”.

7. Strange Behavior – WadiRum (Lyrics)

Website: www.wadirummusic.com
Email: stewart@stewarterlich.com

Written by: Stewart Erlich
Stewart Erlich: Guitars and Vocals
Jill Pilon: Vocals; Jesse Varner: Upright Bass
Lisa Haney: Cello; Christian Teale: Percussion

Comprised of musicians who come from all over the US, WadiRum’s sound is at turns both metropolitan and rural. With two guitars, bass, cello, drums, and two vocalists that take turns leading and harmonizing, the band’s sound is as diverse as its members. It is held together by attention to melody, emotion, and message. The vision of the band is to create textures that are lush, but without losing touch with the message of the melody, or with the purpose of conveying emotion. We want extremes: our highs to be incredibly high, voluminous, and powerful; our lows to be whispers, incredibly personal, intimate.

8. You Are Home – Deborah Crooks (Lyrics)

Website: www.deborahcrooks.com
Email: deborah@deborahcrooks.com

Written by: Deborah Crooks & B.Z. Lewis
Recorded, engineered, mixed & mastered by:
B.Z. Lewis at Studio 132, San Francisco, CA

Deborah Crooks is a San Francisco based singer-songwriter with a rebel soul. Her first EP “5 Acres” has received radio airplay and inclusion in several compilations. B.Z. Lewis is a musician, ASCAP member writer and publisher, a voting member of the Grammy’s and has a publishing deal with Creature Music. Her song "Hurt or Do the Hurting" was recently used in a trailer for soon to be released documentary "Doing Life."

9. Tonight – Love Joys Dream (Lyrics)

Website: http://www.myspace.com/lovejoysdream
Email: zvi@tmail.com

Written: Zvi Turobiner

The solo artist Zvi, also known as Love Joys Dream, is living proof that gold and diamonds are not the only eclectic treasure to ever hail from South
Africa. Zvi endeavors to charm the listener into feeling the lyrics as if they wrote it with him. With influences such as Pink Floyd, Smashing
Pumpkins, and The Smiths, Zvi lives in Los Angeles where he enjoys the company of loving girls, swimming laps in a 50 meter pool, and Venice Beach.

10. I Do – Rob Costlow (Lyrics)

Website: www.robcostlow.com
Email: info@robcostlow.com

Written & Produced by: Rob Costlow
Engineer: Dusk Bennett

Rob doesn’t sing. He plays the piano. Music lovers of all ages will be transported to a less complicated, more relaxed world with his collection of original piano melodies that showcase the universal reach of this contemporary solo pianist.

11. Growing Up In Public
– 9 Red Sun

Website: www.9redsun.com
Email: natalia@9redsun.com

Written by: Bortolotti, Smith, Said, Spencer
Produced by Scott Smith
Mastered by Cuneberti at The Plant, Sausalito

9 Red Sun is known for their soaring melodies, catchy hooks, clever lyrics, and energetic live show. Think Blondie, with Foo Fighters guitars and Beatles harmonies. They have garnered awards from VH1 Song of the Year, John Lennon Song Contest and Billboard Song Contest, among many others. Their songs have been featured in film and television, including One Tree Hill and Smallville.

12. Field of Dreams – Orbit Monkey (Lyrics)

Website: www.orbitmonkey.com
Email: info@orbitmonkey.com

Written & Produced by: Joerg Kohring

Orbit Monkey … Rock/Pop from Los Angeles with songs about life from the heart of crazy Hollywood.

13. You Can’t Make Me
– Vanessa Van Spall

Website: www.vanessavanspall.com
Email: vanessa@vanessavanspall.com

Written by: Vanessa Van Spall and Ian Hisert
Keyboards: Ian Hisert; Vocals: Vanesssa Van Spall
Viola: Eric Golub; Bass: Jason Muscat

Vanessa Van Spall explores spiritual and emotional experiences through a melding of rock, blues, gospel and pop. Vocals soar over heavy grooves, catchy keyboard hooks and driving viola riffs. It’s like putting Annie Lennox, late-era Beatles, and Ben Folds in a blender and mixing thoroughly.

14. Let You Go – David Blair (Lyrics)

Website: www.playgroundproductions.ca
Email: prince69km@hotmail.com

Written & Produced by: David Blair

Classically trained in piano for 12 years from the age of 3, this is only the beginning of the musical experience David has acquired over the years. Playing in his first band at the age of 16, he quickly picked up the skills as a guitar and bass player to keep up with the writing demands of the band. His band was a finalist for a local battle of the bands competition and was featured on the radio stations’ CD release called Vancouver Seeds. Writing songs was never a problem and over time continued to perfect his natural talent working with various solo artists locally and writing with various songwriters nationally. On piano he started writing his first songs as early as 13, but didn’t find his “sound” until he learned to play acoustic guitar. With influence from the Beachboys, Beatles, Coldplay and John Mayer, David continues to write songs with high melodies, crossing harmonies and held falsetto notes to take advantage of his more delicate voice. Always playing local coffee houses and small intimate clubs, over the years he’s developed his own unique style on stage with quirky humour and good songs that touch the heart.

15. Amelia – Straw Dogs (Lyrics)

Website: www.strawdogs.com
Email: dave@craftyrecords.com

Written by: David von Beck & Darren Smith

“Amelia” is on Straw Dogs’ new CD, Tell the Rising Sun. in his review for Smother.net, J-Sin writes: “Roots-rockers Straw Dogs tell it like it is to the ‘Rising Sun’ or anyone within listening range. They recall the Jayhawks in their vocal department but also make sure that their twang is up a billion notches more than anyone else. Lyrically, it’s crafty and clever yet downright real. Their music is top-notch and would be quire entertaining to see live since the guitars just wail with tone and power.”

16. Daybreak
– Javelyn

Website: www.javelyn.net
Email: info@javelyn.net

Written by: Javelyn
Keyboards: Javelyn
Other Instrumentation: David Waterbury

More bio above (# 3)... This is a song dedicated to the future of us all... and hope for tomorrow...

17. Road Song – Neil Shah (Lyrics)

Website: www.neilshah.com
Email: contact@neilshah.com

Written by: Neil Shah

A songwriter from the start, Neil Shah's earliest memory is singing along with Willie Nelson's On the Road Again on the way to preschool in the family station wagon. Raised in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, Neil began writing 70's style piano pop songs at the age of twelve. He formed his first band—Fuzzbox—a few years later, writing and singing guitar-driven rock songs in the alternative and grunge styles that were sweeping the country. Deciding to focus on the craftsmanship of music, Neil moved to Philadelphia to study jazz piano and classical voice. He later attended the acclaimed jazz program at the University of North Texas. Performing nightly at area clubs, Neil made a living as a pianist, but soon rediscovered his roots as a singer-songwriter. Neil recently returned to the northeast, and now calls New York City home. He's currently focused on writing songs in his own unique style. On The Last Leaves, he combines thoughtful lyrics, floating melodies, and subtle backdrops to create a timeless collection of songs. Neil and his music have been featured on PBS, HDTV, and radio stations across the country.